Feed Phosphates : MSP


Phosphorus 24%
Sodium 18%
Cas N° 7558-80-7
Formula NaH2PO4.n H2O
Applications Animal feed, Compound feed, Pet food, Mineral feed

Aliphos® Sodiphos is the monosodium phosphate of the Aliphos® range and produced in our factory in Bulgaria.

ALIPHOS® Sodiphos is a granular feed phosphate with a high phosphorus content of 24%. From research by reputed institutes, with monogastrics and fish, it is clear that monosodium phosphate does contain a high level of digestible/available phosphorus, much higher than the normal used calcium phosphates. ALIPHOS® Sodiphos is free-flowing and blends easily with other feed materials above all it will not cause dust during handling.