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Windmill® Magnumphos





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Animal feed, Compound feed, Pet food, Mineral feed

Magnesium, which is closely associated with calcium and phosphorus, is present in animal bodies at approximately 0.05 % of total weight. In addition to its important role in bone formation, magnesium is the most common enzyme activator, making an adequate supply essential.

In practical animal feeding, magnesium deficiency symptoms generally occur in ruminants, where insufficient intake often leads to hypomagnesaemia or grass-tetany. Magnesium is therefore added to the ruminants feed. However, the classical magnesium sources used are often of poor availability and not very palatable, leading to an intake which is too low. Moreover, there can be undesirable reactions when different minerals and acid products are mixed with magnesium oxide. 
These problems can be avoided by using Windmill® Magnumphos.

Because of its high availability, palatability and low reactivity with other feed ingredients, Windmill® Magnumphos allows more flexibility in producing feeds with high magnesium levels. Its free-flowing granular form also makes handling much easier. 

Windmill® Magnumphos is available in three particle sizes.