Feed ingredients : Encapsulated products

“The power of micro-encapsulation !”


In monogastrics, micro-encapsulation allows a progressive release of active component along the digestive tract. Active components deliver their potential where it is really needed.


In ruminant, micro-encapsulation avoid active components to be digested in the rumen. Therefore absorption of these component in the intestine is improved.

Micro-encapsulated products list

MicroAcid 455HE and MicroAcid 650

Micro-encapsulated blend of organic acids (and essential oils) to improve integrity of the gut and increase digestive performances of monogastrics


Micro-encapsulated blend of butyric and formic acid to increase gut integrity of monogastrics

Aliphos® CxP

Micro-encapsulated plant extract that contribute to decrease intestinal parasite development poultry and young ruminant.

CalciCap® 40:

Encapsulated calcium chloride. In ruminant, CalciCap® 40 reduces milk fever/hypocalcaemia in dairy cows and lower renal gravels in sheep and cattle by playing on dietary electrolyte balance.

CalciCap® 40 also support sows status around farrowing by stimulating the calcium homeostasis to support the lactation and by reducing microbial proliferation of the urinary tract

Sil Methionine and Sil Lysine:

Rumen by-pass amino acids

Sil Choline and Sil BE.CO.ME

Rumen by-pass vitamins

Sil Sel

Highly rumen by-pass sodium selenite

Micro-encapsulation on demand

Aliphos is able to encapsulate your own blend of vitamins, amino acids, organic acids or other ingredients.

Sil Butyr 30C

Micro encapsulated butyric acid

Rumi N

Coated urea for a controlled slow release of N in the rumen