Products : Feed ingredients

Aliphos also distributes a range of feed ingredients and additives for all species.

Feed ingredients

  • Sodium bicarbonate

    The sodium carbonate products have a high purity and are used either as a sodium source in poultry feeds or as a rumen buffer for ruminants. Aliphos offers different types of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate.

  • Magnesium Oxyde

    Magnesium oxide distributed by Aliphos has a high bioavailability for ruminants as shown in a study at Schothorst Feed Research, The Netherlands.

  • Sepiolite products

    Aliphos supplies sepiolite products for different application: pellet binder, free-flowing agent, carrier, toxins binder and liquid feeding.

  • Silica

  • Trace minerals

    Trace minerals are under the form of glycinates and bis-glycinates. Thanks to the chelation between trace mineral and the amino acid glycine, bio-availability of trace minerals such as Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe is considerably increased.

  • Sea Shells

    Sea shells are sold under the name Aliphos® SolidaCal. We have different particle sizes according the application. SolidaCal F and N are used to improve Ca supply for laying hens. SolidaCal Buf is a powder form of sea shells and used as rumen buffer to reduce risk of acidosis in ruminants.

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