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Feed ingredients

As a global leader in the animal feed industry, Aliphos provides a wide range of feed ingredients designed to offer optimal animal nutrition combined with high cost-efficiency. Many of our products have been independently verified at research institutions worldwide.
Aliphos is active in the following areas of animal feed ingredients: Organic and encapsulated trace minerals, Microencapsulated Products, Sodium Carbonates, Magnesium Oxides, Sepiolites, Feed Ureum.

Organic and encapsulated trace minerals

Depending on their chemical form, trace-minerals are more or less available to the animal. Chelated trace elements are known to be absorbed well with less minerals being wasted.

A very efficient way to chelate trace minerals is the complexation with glycine, a very small amino acid. This small mineral-glycin complex is the most efficient way of absorption of trace elements in animal nutrition. Aliphos will bring to the market pure metal glycinates for use in animal feed Glystar Forte®. Next to these pure bis-glycinates, Aliphos also has available the Glystar range of products; metal glycinate sulphate complexes. Aliphos also provides encapsulated sodium-selenite. This encapsulation technology results in a very high rumen resistance. As a result less selenium is converted into unavailable Se-forms in the rumen. The use if Sil-Sel 1% RBP gives more confidence in an adequate supply of selenium.

Microencapsulated Products

The main products in this range are the microencapsulated organic and inorganic acids, combined in some cases with natural extracts (essential oils).

Products are coated (microencapsulated) in a way that they by-pass the stomach or rumen and have their main effect along the whole digestive tract of the animals. Target animal species are primarily piglets, sows and fattening pigs. But these products can also be used for broilers and laying hens and a special series of products has also been developed for ruminants.

Other microencapsulated feed ingredients are available on request.

Amino Acids can also be coated for efficient rumen protection ( RBP-quality )

Sodium Carbonates

The sodium carbonate products have a high purity and are used either as a sodium source in poultry feeds or as a rumen buffer for ruminants.

Aliphos offers different types of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate.

Magnesium Oxides

Magnesitas de Rubian SA has been working in the field of caustic magnesite since 1963.

The company exploits a mine of Magnesia in the North West of Spain, in Lugo (Galicia).

The magnesium ore is of high purity and once extracted, is transported to the calcination plant. The end product is a magnesium oxide used mainly in animal feeding. It has a high bioavailability for ruminants as shown in recent study at Schothorst Feed Research, The Netherlands.

The end products are sold under the brand name MAGAL.


Sepiolitic clays (Sepiolites) are used as technological aids to improve flowing properties in pre-mixes, mineral mixes and compound feeds.

 It also improves pellet properties and has therefore become an important ingredient in high energy feeds in previous years. A special grade of sepiolite -SPLF- is used to homogenize liquid feeds for pigs.
The program also includes a magnesium smectite as a natural mycotoxin adsorbent; ATOX.